Musculoskeletal Injury


Musculoskeletal Injury

Chronic musculoskeletal pain is a major health problem in Australia, with chronic back pain being a leading cause of disability in people under 45 years, and knee pain as a result of osteoarthritis being a leading cause of disability in older adults.

Total Joint Care @ Home ™ provides treatment options for most musculoskeletal injuries and conditions including sprains, joint injuries and conditions, bruising and over-use injuries.

Key Benefit

Exercise therapy is effective for chronic back pain in terms of both pain and function and is a core treatment for managing pain associated with osteoarthritis.

Land Based Exercise

Physical exercise is effective in increasing muscles strength, improving muscle imbalance, range of motion, physical functioning, and aerobic capacity. It is also effective in facilitating weight reduction.

As part of the musculoskeletal service, accredited exercise physiologists provide supervised resistance and aerobic training tailored for each individual.

Hydrotherapy (Aquatic Exercise)

Aquatic based exercise may be better tolerated than land based activities for some osteoarthritic patients.

Similar benefits to land based activities can be achieved with reduced stress to affected joints.

Hydrotherapy is performed at the patients home if applicable or nearby pool, under the supervision of an accredited exercise physiologist.

Alternative Treatments

Patients with osteoarthritis may also be interested in our pre-surgery service that reduces the hospital stay for arthroplasty patients, or our arthritis management service that might defer or decrease the need for surgical intervention.

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