Orthopaedic Rehabilitation

Post Operative Rehabilitation

Key Benefit

The Total Joint Care @ Home™ post-operative rehabilitation programs will improve your post surgery recovery time and assist in achieving optimal benefit from your surgery.1

Comprehensive Rehabilitation Service

The orthopaedic rehabilitation service reduces the recovery time and assists in achieving the optimal benefit from arthroplasty surgery.

Patients can access a comprehensive exercise based rehabilitation service  in their own homes.

Achieve Optimal Benefits From Surgery

Total Joint Cares ™ Post-Operative Program is a fully supervised program to ensure our patients achieve the optimal benefits from their surgery by participating in safe muscle strengthening, range of motion and muscle tension release exercises that do not aggravate the joint or surrounding tissue.

Alternative Treatments

Patients with osteoarthritis may also be interested in our pre-surgery service that reduces the hospital stay for arthroplasty patients, or our arthritis management service that might defer or decrease the need for surgical intervention.

  1. Crowe and Henderson, 2003 Pre-arthroplasty rehabilitation is effective in reducing hospital stay Canadian Journal of Occupational Therapy, 70 (2003), pp. 88–96
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