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Home Based Rehabilitation

Completing a home based exercise program (home based rehabilitation) provides patients with similar results to those who complete regular outpatient clinic sessions.1

Total Joint Care @ Home™ is a home based exercise rehabilitation service for patients who are unable to attend an outpatient rehabilitation centre, or for patients who prefer the convenience of home based rehabilitation.

Key Benefit

Total Joint Care @ Home™ will improve your recovery time from injury and assist in achieving optimal benefit from surgery in the convenience of your own home.

Arthritis Management

The tailored arthritis management program provided by Total Joint Care @ Home™ is focused on providing improved joint mobility and function, symptom relief, and improved quality of life.

Pre-Surgery Conditioning

An individually tailored preoperative physical conditioning program will accelerate your recovery from certain surgeries such as arthroplasty (hip and knee replacement).

Total Joint Care @ Home™ provides evidence based multidisciplinary individualised programs managed by Accredited Exercise Physiologists.

Post-Operative rehabilitation

A post operative exercise based rehabilitation program will ensure the optimal benefit from surgery is achieved.

We specialise in joint replacement rehabilitation. Our individualised post operative rehabilitation program are developed using evidence based research.

Sporting Injury

Total Joint Care @ Home™ sporting injury rehabilitation service will enable you to return safely to your sporting activity sooner, reduce the incidence of repetitive sporting injuries and improve muscle imbalances, improve mobilisation, balance and co-ordination.

Workplace & Motor Vehicle Injury

Physiotherapy and exercise are effective in providing relief from the symptoms of chronic back pain and other common workplace and motor vehicle related injuries.2


Treatment is performed under the supervision of accredited exercise physiologists in the comfort of the patients home, nearby gym, local pool or other convenient location.

The treatment program is designed based on the patients condition, personal goals and available facilities.

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